The Importance Of Female Education

By Laura Kpopji,

In most part of the world today, female education is seen as an important aspect of education, but other places it is considered less important.
This could be as a result of cultural imperialism, traditional beliefs or tribalism. In Nigeria, many believed that female education is less important to be considered, in this article i will justify and clarify the assertion that holds the situation ongoing. Also, this article will enlighten us on the importance of why female education should be considered as that of male child education.

The Importance Of Female Education
Photo: Female Students at their graduation ceremony

EDUCATION: This has to with the formal training given to a child either from parents or teachers to build up a child’s capability for further knowledge. It is the act and process of learning and acquiring knowledge in other to acquire knowledge to help you achieve your goal. This can be done through research methodology, attending schools, interacting with people who already have background knowledge, and even being creative about your personal ideas.

FEMALE: This refers to an identification name used for a girl child/woman. A female is an animal that produces gametes (ova) that can be fertilize by male gametes (spermatozoa). It is usually used to differentiate a girl/woman from a boy/man, this is known all over the world.

FEMALE EDUCATION: As the name implies, refers to the formal and informal training and instructions given to female children to help them acquire knowledge and achieve their goal. This process consists of learning, and learning is a continuous process.

As the information goes viral, a lot of people with different thought and negative feelings has reacted about female child Education. Over the years, it has been described as, “female education ends in the kitchen,” this is because, 50 percent of female students feels that going to school is a waste of time, at the end they graduate and go into marriage, and remain in their husband’s home as house wives.
This discourages parent from training their female children in school, rather, considers the male child to be educated. A lot of female children have less value for education. For instance, I ask a female friend of mine a question, why she performed poorly in her academics, that every semester she writes carryovers? her replied was, “my dear, my brain is not for school, what I am after is to graduate and get married to a rich man, that is why i am in school so that i will be seen as a graduate, at the end i find a business and start doing”.
Yes, it is true that most female children have less value for education, and this is no doubt. No wonder president Muhammadu Buhari told his wife, the first lady that, female education ends in the kitchen, when she ask to be given a position in the leadership space.
More so, female education is less valued by our fathers, because there is a tradition that says, female children belong to families of their mothers, so they believe that, once a female child is academically trained, they will clean up the family of their mothers and not that of their father, and this assertion brings about less value for female education.
Also, some people believe that, when female children are trained, they graduate and get married to men in different communities, they only work for those communities and help them grow rather than the communities they were brought up.

It is believed that, every existing thing most have an advantage and disadvantage, the following are the disadvantage of Female education.

1. PRIDE: Most female graduates has become so proud that any uneducated person are useless or meaningless. Many will agree with me that, female children from wealthy background don’t respect elders because they believe that, nobody is up to their level. This has become a problem because it discourages others to feel less important in the society.

2. IMMORAL LIFESTYLES: In most higher institutions, female students engages in immoral acts, but back home they can’t practice it before their parents. This could be as a result of freedom and influence from the friends they keep.In this regard, some female children might be very responsible or from a responsible family, but when they sent to school, they change from being responsible, hardworking, studying, going to church, praying, but will start living an arrogant life, engaging in prostitution and practicing indecent dressing.

This has to do with the relevance and necessity of female education in the society. Yes, it is true that 50 percent of people consider female child education as kitchen end education, but i doubt it because, if females have been given the opportunity to rule, one would have been emerge as the president of Nigeria.
Female education is expected to be more important, this is because, women have soft heart that can endure, patience, teach and can be a database of wisdom.
For instance, professor Okonji Iwala, was once a little child, she went to school and today an ambassador. Mrs. Rose Oko, Mrs. Grace Odey, Mrs. Rita Ayim, and a lot more to be mentioned are all female leaders in our country, they were all educated and today, are respected as important personalities in the country. In Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the 24th president of the above mentioned, country became the first elected female head of state in Africa. MarySlessor, was educated and had the voice to speak and stop the killing of twins. Female are powerful creatures that should be seen as important. With all this, you will discover the importance of female education in our society.

When it comes to learning, female children learn faster, they pay more attention and they terns to be more brilliant than the male children. More so, female children are teachable than male children. Study shows that, women have more time to give their children formal education than men. In most cases, female children are more responsible and respectful than the male children. For instance, in the universities, it is mostly the male children that involved in cult activities, stealing, and other online fraud popularly known as yahoo yahoo.

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